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HEM 542 Z

Driving JENZ from 150 hp

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Drum diameter 


The HEM542Z is the smallest JENZ PTO chipper, but still a true JENZ with the proven quality of the larger models. It can already be used efficiently with tractors from 150 hp. Thanks to its universal drawbar, it can be adapted to tractors with different hitch heights. And thanks to its compact size, the HEM 542 Z is suitable for confined spaces in various industries. It is used, for example, in the "tree" service sector, by smaller contractors and in gardening and landscaping companies.

The outstanding feature of the HEM542Z is its standard D1 rotor with 820 mm diameter. It ensures extremely quiet running and optimum wood chips even with low drive power. Although the mobile chipper is primarily intended for the production of small and medium-sized wood chips, coarse G100 wood chips can also be produced effortlessly. At the same time, the chip quality remains high, although the chipper requires comparatively little drive power.

Epsilon C60F86

Thanks to its compact size, the HEM 542 Z is also suitable for confined spaces. To prevent the crane from becoming a bottleneck on such construction sites, it is equipped with a Palfinger Epsilon C60 crane with an outreach of 8.60 m as standard. This is deliberately oversized to be able to reach material that is further away. If larger logs do need attention, the optional splitter can come in handy. This ensures that no material is left unprocessed.


Large collection vehicles? No problem for the small HEM542Z. Thanks to the mechanically driven material discharge, even the largest vehicles can be loaded quickly and easily. Compared to previous machines, the discharge speed has been significantly reduced, which has a positive effect on the quality of the wood chips.


Ergonomic access and sufficient freedom of movement on the screen basket hood facilitate maintenance work, as does the foldable platform positioned under the screen basket hood. A tool storage box is optionally mounted directly on the rotor. It contains all the tools needed to change the cutters.

Uniquely good

JENZ wood chipper are the ideal choice for companies that value economy, ease of use and flexibility. The chippers are fuel-efficient and take the burden off the driver thanks to ergonomic cab concepts and intelligent maintenance and control solutions.


 Control System

The easy2 machine control system is clearly laid out, can be operated intuitively and offers a number of advantages that simplify everyday work. Almost all functions of the chipper can be individually set via the fully integrated easy2TOUCH display. For example, limit values can be defined or user profiles can be created.


The D1.2 rotor with its 820 mm diameter and 1.2 t weight is a powerful and smooth rotor comparable to the larger machines. Its high flywheel mass reduces recoil on the tractor and ensures smooth running. Its large diameter of 820 mm and maximum intake of 700 mm are unique in this class

Draw-in control system

Automatic adjustment of the intake speed depending on the rotor speed. The chipper runs in an optimal working range. This results in a uniformly high utilisation rate that is easy on the machine and achieves optimum chip quality.

Roller Pressure System

Due to the variable pre-load pressure of the upper roller, the chipper can adapt to any material. Shrub trimming, for example, requires a higher pressure, while logs are fed in almost without pressure. Thanks to its easy adjustment to respective requirements, the chipper works efficiently and achieves a consistent output.

Hydraulic Belt Clutch

The hydraulic belt clutch is a special feature that is otherwise only found in larger machines. It enables smooth and gentle engagement of the rotor, even with a large flywheel mass. This protects the tractor and the machine.

IPS Impact Protection System

With the IPS (Impact Protection System), sensors detect inadmissible vibrations caused by foreign bodies such as stones or iron parts. The system activates a protection programme that, for example, stops material discharge in 0.8 seconds. This protects the machine from expensive consequential damage and reduces unplanned downtime to a minimum.


Due to its manoeuvrability, it can be anywhere, but especially in tight places. As an option, the chipper can also be equipped with narrow tyres, giving it a reduced machine width of just 2.55 m. In addition, the low feed table with a height of only 1.50 m enables a clear view of the working area for the driver - even with low cabs.

More Details


HEM 542 Z


Maximum throughput ca. (lcm/h)140


Draw-in (WxH in mm)800 x 700

Grinding unit

Rotor diameter820

Material discharge

Blower/Conveyor belt Blower

Main drive

Performance consumption (in kW/hp)110 - 220 / 150 - 300


Weight in t
* equipment-dependent

Transport dimensions

Dimensions transport position* (LxWxH in m)
* equipment-dependent
5,70 x 2,55

HEM 542 Z in Action