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With 812 hp drive power and a particularly heavy rotor, the large shredder BA 1016 from JENZ is the expert when it comes to processing particularly demanding material, such as waste wood, roots or crosscut timber. Above all, the large shredder scores points for its outstanding throughput capacity. For this reason, it is used where either hard difficult material or particularly large quantities of material need to be processed. For example, over 200 t/h can be achieved in manure processing.


BA 1016 

Three-axle chassis with drive via diesel engine

BA 1016 Tiger

Track drive for independent movement on firm, uneven ground

Uniquely good

JENZ biomass processors are the ideal choice for companies that value efficiency, safety and convenience. They achieve uniform material quality, are economical in fuel consumption and reduce the burden on drivers. These shredders are also durable with a high tractive force and offer unique flexibility: One rotor for everything.


tool System

The entry of foreign objects is one of the greatest risks for machine failures. The new tool system, easyprotect, addresses this issue directly by providing protection in the event of foreign object entry. Thanks to a newly developed overload function and optimized geometry, consequential damage and downtime are significantly reduced. Damaged wear parts can now be replaced directly in the machine within minutes, allowing work to resume quickly.

Control System 

The easy2 machine controller is clearly laid out, can be operated intuitively and offers a number of advantages to simplify everyday work. These include a large touch display with clearly structured menu navigation, driver assistance systems and the easy2CONNECT remote controller.

IPS Impact Protection System

The IPS (Impact Protection System) protects the machines and the end material from massive foreign objects, such as stones or iron parts. When the sensors detect an impact, the machine reacts immediately, which prevents consequential damage.

DIP Roller Pressure System

Due to the variable pre-load pressure of the upper roller, the shredder can adapt to any material. For example, cut shrubbery requires a higher pressure, while bark is best drawn in without pressure. Thanks to its easy adjustment to respective requirements, the machine works efficiently and achieves a consistent output.

Screen basket replacement in under 10 minutes

A screen basket set of two screen baskets can be changed easily and quickly by a single person.  An additional set can also be attached to the discharge chute. This facilitates easy and fast switching between different materials.

GFA Draw-In control system

Sensors detect the rotor and intake speed and optimally adapt the parameters. The result is consistently high engine utilisation when processing green waste, biowaste, and bark, and maximum throughput capacity.

One rotor for everything

Our innovative tooling system permits the use of both free-swinging and stationary tools. Rotor rearrangement is extremely fast and allows adaptation to any material. In addition, full or half tool kits can be run with the same rotor.

Operator Information System

This system serves direct communication purposes between the driver and machine. It consists of LED status lights that indicate the machine status and the easy2CONNECT remote controller that allows control of all functions from the loading vehicle. 

Neodym overbelt magnet

The neodymium overbelt magnet safely sorts out ferromagnetic parts such as screws or nails. The distance between the belt and the magnet is hydraulically adjustable by remote control, so that it can be flexibly adapted to the material. The magnet can be moved out of the material flow for material with high throughput - costly dismantling is unnecessary.


Mode Selecting System

The machine has three preset shredding modes that can be adjusted depending on the source material. For example, green waste can be assigned a separate mode, which is then called up at the push of a button. This saves time and enables even inexperienced operators to make optimum use of the machine.

Standby Mode

The JES (JENZ Energy Saver) mode can shut down the engine to idle at the push of a button if work is interrupted. This stops the conveyor belt and the intake. To continue work, switch back to operation by pressing a button and restart the system.


To ensure smooth operation of JENZ machines, log data can be transmitted to JENZ on a daily basis. These data help to detect anomalies more quickly and, in the event of an error message, support can be provided quickly and reliably.


The lower intake roller is positioned so that logs and roots in particular are fed to the rotor in controlled manner. This ensures uniform chip quality and smooth machine operation.


The standard conveyor belt below the rotor catches the spillover material and conveys it to the discharge conveyor. This makes stationary assignments easily possible. To increase the screen surface of the BA 926, a screen base with screen plates can be installed instead of the chip baffler.

Smart Hydraulics

Intelligent hydraulic control allows precise adjustment of the machine to the material and the desired discharge. This ensures high processing quality and maximum efficiency. Diagnostic valves offer easy fault diagnosis - both for the operator and for JENZ Service.

The discharge conveyor can be laid completely flat for ergonomic maintenance access. In addition, handles and steps provide safe access to the rotor. The large machine stand offers sufficient space for maintenance work.

The striker rod pulling device is electro-hydraulically controlled and can be operated with the push of a button. This allows the striker rod to be pulled out without force, making it easier to replace the tools on the rotor.



BA 1016

BA 1016 Tiger


Garden cuttings (lcm/h)480480
Bark (lcm/h)540540
Scrape wood (lcm/h)370370
Stumps (lcm/h)260260


Draw-in width (mm)16201620
Draw-in height (mm)960960
Free loading length (mm)45004500
"Silo capacity (m3) "88

Grinding unit

Number of hammers3434
Rotor diameter11201120

Conveyor outfeed

Maximum drop height (mm)4800
Drop height (mm)5100

Material discharge blower


Main drive

Diesel motorCAT C18CAT C18
Power (kW/hp)597/812597/812
Emission stage55
Displacement (l)18,118,1


Top speed (km/h)803
Chassis versionCentral axle trailer, semi-trailerCaterpillar track


Weight in t
* equipment-dependent
Permitted axle load (t)24
Permitted support load (t)2
Permitted total weight (t)26

Transport dimensions

Dimensions transport position* (LxWxH in m)
* equipment-dependent
10,55 x 2,55 x 4,008,50 x 3,00 x 4,20