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Self-proprelled wood chippers from JENZ are unbeatable in terms of economy and offer the greatest possible flexibility between forest, industry and highway thanks to 80 km/h maximum speed. The Chippertruck series is divided into two versions: the 3-axle Chippertruck and the 4-axle Chippertruck hybrid.

The 3-axle chipper truck is powered by a 520 hp MAN engine. So is the 4-axle Chippertruck hybrid, which also has an 812-hp CAT C18 superstructure engine. This drives the chipper drum, while the MAN engine is responsible for material discharge, the crane, and the hydraulics. In chipping mode, this results in a usable output of over 1,000 hp.

Both the Chippertruck and the Chippertruck hybrid are available with two cab variants: either with truck cab and mower glazing or as a rotating Cobra cab.

Technology highlights

  • easy2 control unit
  • Practical assistant systems
  • Central fan
  • Professional Line package
  • Agricultural tyres
  • Professional tool concept

Our self-propelled machines in comparison


Chippertruck HEM 583

Chippertruck HEM 593

Chippertruck hybrid


Maximum throughput ca. (lcm/h)270300500


Draw-in (WxH in mm)1200 x 6801400 x 6801200 x 900

Grinding unit

Rotor diameter (mm)8208201040

Material discharge

Blower/Conveyor belt BlowerBlowerBlower

Main drive

Diesel motorMAN, Euro 6eMAN, Euro 6eMAN, Euro 6e
Power (kW/hp)382/520382/520382/520
Emission stage5
Add-on engineCAT C18
Power (kW/hp)597/812
System power (in kW/hp)979/1332


Number of axles334
Top speed (km/h)808080


Weight in t
* equipment-dependent
from 26from 26,632

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