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As a family-owned company, JENZ is a leading manufacturer of biomass-producing machines. With around 250 employees, we develop and produce state-of-the-art machines that are used for the efficient shredding of wood and green waste as well as biogas substrates. The result is sustainable biomass products for further energy use, which means that we are making an important contribution to the development of bioenergy as a supporting pillar of the energy transition.

Our actions are characterised by two key features: a sustainable approach to the environment and economic benefits for our customers. As a family-run company, we stand for the values that have made us strong over decades: quality, innovation and sustainability.



Woody biomass is the all-rounder among renewable energy sources. As a reliable form of energy that can be stored and controlled, it plays a system-relevant role in the energy transition, especially in the heating sector.

With our products, we help turn biomass into a sustainable resource and therefore contribute to a more sustainable environment.


With our machines, we contribute to sustainable and resource-saving energy production. By using bio and solar energy on the entire company premises (heat boiler and PV systems), our production process is carbon neutral across the board.

Since October 2023, we have also disclosed our sustainability strategy in a report audited in accordance with the DNK (German Sustainability Code) criteria.


Our claim: We want to offer our customers across the globe the best technology, reliable service and fast spare parts supply. In this regard, we attach great importance to continuous development and future orientation.

We are certified:

DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015


Our greatest potential: the expertise and passion of our employees, who show their commitment and take responsibility every day. We respect ethical principles and cultural differences and condemn all forms of racism and exclusion.


As a strongly rooted family business, we see ourselves as an active part of society in the Minden-Lübbecke region. We as a local training company promote and strengthen the region by training the skilled workers of tomorrow.


We are committed to supporting nonprofits and their volunteers in their efforts to connect people.​​​​​​​​​​​

We support projects, associations or schools through donations or active help. These include:

  • Petershagen Old Synagogue Working Group
  • Popular sports: e.g. RW Maaslingen, HSV Minden-Nord, TuS Porta Westfalica
  • Eldagsen-Friedewalde Elementary School Association
  • and many more


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 JENZ GenerationS


Elisabeth Holland and 
Hans Heinrich Hermeier 

Elisabeth Holland and Hans Heinrich Hermeier join the management of JENZ GmbH on 1 July 2021. Today, the siblings are the fourth generation to run the company.

3rd Generation

Anna Hermeier and 
Uwe Hempen-Hermeier 

Dipl. Oec. Uwe Hempen-Hermeier, son-in-law of Wilhelm and Therese Hermeier, becomes managing director of JENZ GmbH in 1992. His wife Anna Hermeier is the authorised signatory in charge of human resources and accounting.

2nd Generation

Maria Therese Hermeier and
Wilhelm Hermeier

Dip. Ing. Wilhelm Hermeier, son-in-law of Hans Jenz, takes over the management of JENZ GmbH in 1955. His wife Maria Therese Hermeier (née Jenz) is responsible for bookkeeping.

1st Generation

Hans Jenz and
Marie Jenz

Hans Jenz founded the company as a village smithy on Wegholmer Straße on 6 January 1921.


More than 100 years ago, Hans Jenz founded a smithy. These earliest beginnings and the following generations resulted in an internationally active family business that develops and produces innovative wood shredding and biomass processing machinery.

Discover our history: From a smithy to market leader.


On 6 January 1921, Hans Jenz establishes a smithy at our present location in Wegholm, Friedewalde. The master blacksmith specialises in the manufacture of small agricultural implements and carriages.

The 1940s

The first gear rack tipper
The first tipper with gear rack for agriculture is built and receives an award from the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

The 1950s

The first generational change & the invention of the inertia brake
In 1955, Wilhelm Hermeier, son-in-law of Hans Jenz, takes over the management of JENZ GmbH. Unknown to many: Wilhelm Hermeier invented the inertia brake for trailers and is named as the inventor in the 1956 patent specification. Find out more: Click here.

Entering the wood processing market
In 1959, JENZ builds the first stationary wood chipper. The machine has a horizontal intake and is used in veneer mills.

The 1970s

The first mobile chipper & building international relations
In cooperation with the Finnish company Algol, the first JENZ mobile chipper is created, mounted on a forwarder with a 220 kW Scania diesel engine.

The 1980s

Changed company focus
With the entry of Dipl. Oec. Uwe Hempen-Hermeier (son-in-law of Wilhelm and Therese Hermeier) into the company, the focus changes to mobile waste shredders for separately collected garden and green waste.

The first waste shredder
JENZ builds the first waste shredder in 1986 (image).
In 1989, the AZ 50 followed with more than 300 hp, the most powerful machine of its kind at the time.

The 1990s

The first mobile chipper with PTO drive
In the aftermath of the 1997 World Climate Conference, biomass is gaining importance as a renewable energy source. In Germany, the EEG leads to an increasing demand for machines for processing woody biomass. Mobile chippers are developing into the company's second mainstay. In 1992, the first PTO-driven mobile chipper is built: the HEM 25 (image).

The second generational change
In the same year, Uwe Hempen-Hermeier takes over the management of the company. His specific focus is on sustainability, quality and economic efficiency.

2000 - 2005

Market leader in Germany
In 2002, JENZ first becomes market leader in heavy mobile chippers and builds the HEM 1000 (image), the strongest mobile chipper in Europe at the time.

TÜV certification
The first certification follows in 2005: DIN ISO 9001

2006 - 2010

New products and technologies
The first chipper truck-driven by a carrier tractor is delivered. New technologies such as the TwinGear drive concept and conveyor discharge on PTO chippers are introduced.

Production expansion & founding of JENZ Austria
Production expands by 1,000 m2.
The JENZ subsidiary is founded in Austria.

TÜV certification 
Certification according to DIN ISO 14001.

2011 - 2015

New products and technologies
The easy striker system for biomass processors is introduced and patented. The presentation of the JENZ Cobra with rotating and elevating driver's cab and dual engine technology sets new standards in terms of operator friendliness.

Investments and expansion
JENZ continues to expand: Construction of a new logistics hall, a TÜV-approved brake test stand and a new surface treatment centre.

Carbon-neutral across the board
The expansion of the photovoltaic system leads to first energy self-sufficiency in 2012, which is maintained until today.

2016 - 2020

New products and technologies
These include, among others: Chippertruck 2.0 with automatic transmission, introduction of the easy2 machine control system, further development of the biomass processor (BA) series, e.g. with laterally swivelling discharge conveyor (image).

New construction
Completion of the new reception and office building and the hall for machine handovers to customers.

JENZ Professional Days & Open House
Successful JENZ Professional Days with around 800 invited guests and over 2,500 visitors for the open house day.

2021 to date

100th company anniversary & still market leader in Europe
In 2021, JENZ celebrates its 100th anniversary and is considered a hidden champion: JENZ is the market leader in Europe in the niche market for mobile machines used to process woody biomass.

The third generational change
The siblings and great-grandchildren of the company founder, Elisabeth Holland and Hans Heinrich Hermeier join the management in the same year and now lead the company in its fourth generation.


With 250 employees, we are one of the largest employers in the Petershagen region. We offer exciting jobs and are looking for team players to join our #jenczrew.

1,332 hp

Our most powerful machine has 1,332 hp (JENZ Chippertruck hybrid). However, we can also be smaller and more compact: Our product portfolio starts at around 150 hp.


Our machines are sold in over 48 countries. Through our global network of distributors, we are always close to our customers.