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At JENZ, you can rely on fast and competent service. Our claim: To remedy faults within 24 hours. To meet this claim, we are always at your side with four service centres throughout Germany and a worldwide dealership network.

Our team of experienced and qualified technicians has the expertise and experience to repair your machines quickly and reliably.

This is the JENZ service: Always the right solution for you.

Our services: More than just service

  • Technical briefing
    Our service staff will guide you through commissioning your new machine and show you how to use it safely and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive warranty services and maintenance contracts
    1 year manufacturer's warranty for all new machines; can be extended to 2 years with a maintenance contract.
  • Original spare parts
    Only original spare parts by JENZ guarantee the optimum performance and longevity of your machine.
  • Expert maintenance and repair
    JENZ-certified technicians specialise in the maintenance and repair of JENZ machines. They have the necessary know-how and experience to keep your machine in optimum condition.
  • Service hotline and remote diagnostics
    Our experts will help you with technical problems as quickly as possible by telephone. Alternatively, your JENZ machine has a remote diagnosis module which our technicians can use to access your machine data to identify faults and recommend solutions.
  • On-site service
    Whether in Germany, Switzerland or Austria - our service technicians are there when you need help. We also operate with a worldwide dealership network to provide you with first-class service wherever you are.

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Sascha Gerling, Daniel Lindenberg, Nicolas Buss

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Mondays to Fridays:    7 am – 5 pm
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